Friday, March 25, 2011

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is MAIN Street Finance - ( - Stationary - Micro Finance?)

It's like hitting a golf ball vs a baseball

It you can first hit the ball off a tee - it's not likely you will be successful hitting the Cutter!

MAIN Street - What it is....What it is Not.....

Main Street is about your World- the World you Live in - the World You aspire to - and the World of Personal (stationary) Finance. Main Street is about maximizing your Cash Flow and protecting your assets. It's about structure and planning.It's about taxes, insurance and narrow banking, setting up a retirement and estate plan. Getting the kids in and out of college, going out to dinner on vacation to the movies, the Opera or the Game. It's about birthdays and holidays. It's about Living in the Moment and Planning for the Future and getting the most out of Life. It's role is not to manage your Capital, that is the Domain of another Realm. This will become more clear as you go forward. That requires a different mindset and toolbox and uses a different "operating System" Trying to Apply the Newtonian Cosmology to commoditize this task is misguided, naive and dangerous and usually produces nothing more than muddy water, migraine headaches and/or financial mishap. It requires applying the knowledge, math, science, and laws that define and are unique to that World. Think about going to a hospital and the radiologist on the second floor and the cardiologist on the forth are the same guy? These are different domain of the MultiVerse.

This Distinction and Duality is the Foundation of Our Approach and ripples through everything we do, including the way we think and the advice we give.

The Role of a MW/Financial Advisor is to Help You With Your Role in the System/Process>>>>>

And Has the Resources of The Modular World to Draw On......

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Our Job is To get you Re-Wired to Play an Evolutionary Phase....

Get Your Head on Straight - It's your Game

The Job of MAIN Street - Maximize - Maintain and Improve the Situation

The Emerald City

The only Guys still Preaching and Selling That Nonsense are working behind the curtain in the Emerald City or Bagging at the Local Financial Supermarket

Winston Churchill

However Beautiful the Strategy You Should Occasionally Look At The Results...