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Fw: His Brain, Her Brain - An ebook from the Editors of Scientific American!

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Subject: His Brain, Her Brain - An ebook from the Editors of Scientific American!

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Join us for an analysis of His Brain, Her Brain
His Brain, Her Brain
While some gender differences are evident on the first day of a baby’s life, most start out small but then become amplified by our gender-obsessed culture. In this ebook, we take a closer look at gender and the brain. By adulthood, males and females not only have nonidentical brain architectures but also divergent ways of speaking, parenting and responding to both tragedy and comedy. A better understanding of the real—and imagined—differences between "his" brain and "her" brain can help us overcome cultural biases, improve communication and strengthen relationships.
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More eBooks: Disarming Cupid, Martin Gardner and Storm Warnings
Love, Sex and Science
Disarming Cupid
Love – in both the abstract and the actual – has always provided limitless inspiration for artists, writers and musicians, but scientists are just as fascinated by these affairs of the heart. In this eBook, Disarming Cupid: Love, Sex and Science, our editors examine a variety of topics including perceived differences between men and women, how we choose romantic partners and the brain in love.
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Martin Gardner
Martin Gardner's “Mathematical Games” column ran for 26 years. In this anthology, we strove to create a new look at this wealth of material. Some of these columns are less well known than, say, his writings about flexagons, but they are no less fun. In true Gardner fashion, they leap from magic and games—as well as art, music, and literature—to flashes of deep mathematical insight.
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Ask the Experts: Physics & Math
Storm Warnings
Hurricanes. Blizzards. Flooding. Drought. This eBook, Storm Warnings: Climate Change and Extreme Weather, gives you the tools to better understand what’s behind climate change, what might be in store during the coming decades and how we can begin to reverse the detrimental effects mankind has had on the atmosphere.
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His Brain, Her Brain
Inspired! The Science of Creativity
When it comes to creativity, nature gives some people a genetic edge, but nurture has a large role in its development as well. Here we look at this difficult-to-define quality from all angles: where creativity comes from, lessons we can learn from creative geniuses and how to cultivate it. We hope that the techniques and processes discussed in this eBook will help you to discover and unleash your creative self.
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Breaking Bad (Habits)
Breaking Bad (Habits)
We all have things we’d like to change about ourselves, which is why many people make New Year’s resolutions. Yet, research shows that only about 8% of resolution-makers achieve their goals. Making personal change is hard, and making changes to established behavior patterns is harder still – even though the potential reward is great. In this eBook we offer tips on how to master new habits to form the foundation of a new and happier “you.”
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A Question of Time
A Question of Time
“What time is it?” That simple question is probably asked more often than any other. Modern scientific revelations about time, however, make the question endlessly frustrating. A Question of Time, summarizes what science has discovered about how time permeates and guides our physical world and our inner selves. We might not be able to beat the clock, but we can try to stay in step with it.
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Also from Scientific American - Online Courses
Mysteries of the Universe (March 2-13, 2015)
Mankind has wondered about questions like the origins and fundamental makeup of the universe for as long as we’ve kept records. In this class, Dr. Don Lincoln, senior physicist at Fermilab and on the team that discovered the Higgs boson, will tell you what you need to know about the nature of matter and the history of the universe. From the subatomic world of particle physics to the universe-spanning world of cosmology, students will both learn perspective on our current understanding as well as get an inside look at cutting-edge research, including how particle accelerators work, what they can teach us, how the Higgs boson was discovered and what it all means.
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Wind Engineering
Coming Soon - Wind Engineering: Structural Design for Wind Loads
Join Dr. Emil Simiu for Wind Engineering: Structural Design for Wind Loads. An industry veteran and fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Dr. Simiu takes an intuitive approach to provide structural and architectural engineers with the practical knowledge and tools needed to design structures for wind loads. Using real-world examples and studies, he will demonstrate how to interpret and use the provisions of the ASCE 7-10. He will also cover issues with aerodynamic testing in wind tunnels, how to interpret those reports and the modern capabilities of database-assisted design.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fw: Sallie Krawcheck: Women 'One Helluva Market'

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Subject: Sallie Krawcheck: Women 'One Helluva Market'

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Early Wire - ThinkAdvisor


February 10, 2015
Sallie Krawcheck: Women Are ‘One Helluva Market’

Krawcheck, speaking at the IMCA 2015 New York Consultants Conference, said that women are a larger emerging market than China. Read more

Cambridge’s Continuity Partners Group Welcomes First RIA

Gould Asset Management, with $450 million in AUM, joins 168 Cambridge reps in advisor succession group. Read more

Raymond James Nabs $2.6M Ex-RBC Team

In addition, a former Merrill Lynch rep affiliates with LPL Financial, and Baird adds an ex-UBS team. Read more


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