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Fw: A Generation Disappeared

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Open Society Foundations

Try to imagine your life without the right to citizenship—without the right to vote, study, or work freely, in the country where you were born and raised.

This is my story.

Generation 2.0

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I was born in Athens, Greece, 33 years ago to Nigerian parents.

Yet I do not have Greek citizenship, nor do I even have access to it.

I decided I needed to act.

Watch how a multiethnic and interdisciplinary team and I are challenging the Greek government and the rest of Europe to recognize us as citizens.

Then share with your networks to amplify our message.

Thanks for watching,

Nikos Deji Odubitan
Co-Founder, Generation 2.0 for Rights, Equality & Diversity

P.S. If you agree that we have a right to participate in the society to which we belong, with equality, security, and dignity, please share with your networks on Facebook and Twitter.

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